Land of origins

Land of origins

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From some notes taken during a journey the Sicilian writer Elio Vittorini wrote “Sardinia like childhood” hinting to the beginnings of the world, to a land still primeval and wild as in origin.

Also the English writer David H. Lawrence in “Sea and Sardinia” writes about an ancient, manly people, not yet corrupted by the debasement of human relationships. We think this is the most important and peculiar aspect of our island and of its people’s temper that might be rough, but sincere, without false ceremony.

If we analyze history, we realize that prehistory is more evident. The development of the megalithic culture, formed by monoliths, dolmens, archaic temples for purification, up to thousands of nuragic towers is stonger than the history that left an ineffaceable mark in the beauty of human arts, most of all in the Romanesque churches of XI°-XII°-XIII° century and in the Gothic Catalan works of XV° and XVI° century.
Sardinian artists have been, above all, sculptors because of their surroundings characterized by megalithic monuments and rocks shaped by the wind. The present cultural project must preserve the tradition, memory and character of a people together with its monuments and works of art. But most of all it has to preserve from degradation the open air treasure called nature, jewel box of the beauty of the world that in Sardinia sparkles with the archaic strength of the origins.